People Say

  • "One of the classiest magic act you're going to see in a long time!" Johnny Carson
  • "It's a great show!" Rosie O'Donnell
  • "The ultimate in NY Magic!" The New York Times' - Lawrence Van Gelder
  • "You will love this show!" New York Post - Clive Barnes
  • "Joseph Gabriel is extraordinary!" Fox 5 News Stewart Klein
  • "Fantastic!" Regis and Kathy Lee
  • "You don't get any better than that!" Ed McMahon
  • "A spectacular whirlwind of brilliant illusions ...breathtaking from start to finish!" Variety
  • "The greatest magician I've ever seen!" President Ronald Reagan
  • "This kid is red hot!" Showbiz Magazine
  • "A brilliant young magician!" Las Vegas RJ,
  • "One of the finest examples of style in the world of entertainment!" Smothers Brothers
  • "Joseph Gabriel is the best!" Dick Clark
  • "Remarkable!" Merv Griffin
  • "Joseph Gabriel thrills the audience with his magic! He is spell-binding!" La Voce
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Joseph Gabriel
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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about booking availability, theatrical or magic consultation, or strolling (close-up) magic for your professional project or event. Whether large or small, I will help make your event a success!