Early Career & Shows

Joseph Gabriel was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. He first took an interest in magic when he discovered the book,
“The Master Magicians : Their Lives and Most Famous Tricks” by Walter B. Gibson in the local library when he was only nine years old.
He devoured the book and grabbed up every book on magic he could find. After receiving a magic kit, Joseph began to practice his new found art and then began to hand-craft his own props and tricks.

In April of 1983, Joseph performed at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood. The response to his act was overwhelming. For the next few months, he continued to gain recognition in the magic world until he achieved the break of all show business breaks. After only seven months in Hollywood, he was asked to perform on the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, Kingpin of American late-night television. Johnny Carson introduced Joseph Gabriel, and what transpired from his performance was sufficient to amaze millions of viewers including Carson, in which he exclaimed, “THAT IS ONE OF THE CLASSIEST MAGIC ACTS YOU’RE GOING TO SEE IN A LONG TIME! THE BEST I’VE SEEN!”. Over the next several years, Joseph would appear a total of seven times with Carson becoming one of Johnny’s favorite magical guests. Gabriel has appeared on virtually every major television variety show, most notably his televised Command Performance for President Reagan.

In February 1984, Joseph Gabriel made his Las Vegas debut, fittingly, in the most lavish show in town, the “Lido de Paris” at the Stardust Hotel. Two years later he was asked to be the starring act in ”City Lights” at the Flamingo Hilton where he performed for 10 consecutive years.

By 1996, Joseph made a mega-leap from Las Vegas act to Broadway star, when he created, produced and performed his own full-evening show entitled, “MAGIC ON BROADWAY” at the Lamb’s theatre in New York City. The show opened to rave reviews and ran for an unprecedented 18 months. Within the first three months “MAGIC ON BROADWAY” broke all box office records.

After returning to Las Vegas, Joseph performed at Caesar’s Magical Empire in Caesar’s Palace. A 60 million dollar facility that rivaled any Hollywood special effects sound stage. The Magical Empire was an amazing two-hour theatrical dining experience that ended with a spectacular stage show.

With over 30 years of successful shows and performances, Joseph continues to reinvent himself and create original effects and routines while continuing to travel the world performing, creating, lecturing and teaching.

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