Multi-Award winning Broadway illusionist, Joseph Gabriel, single-handedly changed the face of magic with his iconic sleight-of-hand performance when he appeared on “The Tonight Show” for the first time. His interest in the art of magic began when he was only 8 years old. After completing college, majoring in art and theater, his original magic effects and skills were already being recognized amongst magicians around the world. Joseph quickly became a part of the “Witness the Impossible” touring show, starring one of magic’s most influential magicians, Richiardi. An amazing journey most young magicians could only dream about! Soon after, Joseph moved West and began headlining in lavish Las Vegas review shows. Joseph is known for his signature style of producing various exotic birds and is equally adept at large-scale illusions, mentalism, and comedy audience participation. He has performed for Royalty around the world, as well as, a Presidential Command Performance at The White House, and wrote, directed, and starred in his own illusion show in New York, “Magic on Broadway.” It is his powerfully engaging performances and his ability to connect with an audience that has garnered him numerous appearances on Late Night Talk shows and Network Television Specials.
Away from the spotlight, when Joseph is not creating new magic effects, he oil paints and sculpts. He has a great fondness for the art of marionettes, creating incredibly detailed string puppets of celebrities, original characters, and replicas of famous puppets from history that he has incorporated into his live shows over the years. Currently, Joseph is appearing at exclusive private events and performing in the upcoming “Masters of Illusion” television series!
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